How to make a gin Martini cocktail

This classic wet Martini doubles down on the olives to give you the perfect apéro hour drink, with nibbles included.



    • Stir gin and vermouth in a mixing glass over ice
    • Strain into a frozen cocktail glass
    • Twist lemon peel over to express the oils, then discard
    • Garnish with a few drops of olive oil
    • Serve with a side dish of Sicilian olives

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    Our savoury gin made with olive leaf tea and olive oil is textural and bright.

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What is in a Martini? We’re so glad you asked. The first and perhaps most important of all the martini ingredients, is gin (a Vodka Martini is NOT a Martini, trust us). And lucky for you, a few years back our Co-founder and Head Distiller Cam went and made a gin that goes perfectly in this all-time classic gin drink. It’s our Olive Leaf Gin. With botanicals like fresh lemons, rosemary, olive oil and olive leaf, this gin creates the ideal textural, savoury base for this cocktail. Basically, it’s the perfect Martini gin for a perfect Martini drink.

Traditionally speaking, you only need some dry vermouth and a garnish of choice to complete your Martini recipe. But we think you could do one better. Which is why for this Martini gin recipe, we recommend you crank up the olives. For starters that means using your Olive Leaf Gin. But we also suggest you use few drops of olive oil for garnishing and just a handful of olives for snacking. You end up with a classic gin cocktail and a treat to go with it. Perfect