Bloody Toddy Cocktail Recipe

When it's cold out, this is the perfect bloody cocktail to keep you warm on the inside.


    • 50mL Bloody Shiraz Gin
    • 15mL honey
    • 1 tbs mixed spice*
    • 150mL hot water
    • 1 hibiscus tea bag
    • Lemon

    • Build the first four ingredients in a heat-proof vessel and stir
    • Add the hibiscus tea bag and steep for three minutes
    • Remove the tea bag and strain liquid into your favourite hot beverage vessel
    • Garnish with a lemon wheel

      *To prepare mixed spice, place a bay leaf, sprig of rosemary and anise pod in a cheese cloth or tie together.

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  • Bloody Shiraz Gin

    A bloody delicious, seriously drinkable gin steeped with Shiraz grapes.

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