Bloody Floradora gin cocktail recipe

Pure purple deliciousness in a glass, with sweet fruit, spicy ginger and zingy lime.

You might not have heard of a Floradora cocktail before – and that’s ok! Although this gin-based cocktail has been around since the 1900s, it’s fair to say the Floradora rarely gets the love it deserves. We’re here to change that by introducing you to the Four Pillars Bloody update to this old-school gin cocktail.

Using our cult-favourite Bloody Shiraz Gin in lieu of raspberry syrup, we’ve not only simplified the recipe (even if it’s only ever so slightly!) but we’ve also created a refreshing, semi-sweet, beautifully coloured cocktail that everyone will want a glass of.



    • Squeeze lime juice into a shaker and reserve the hull
    • Add gin, cordial and ice to the shaker, shake, then strain into a Rocks glass
    • Add ginger beer, ice and garnish with the lime hull

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  • Bloody Shiraz Gin

    A bloody delicious, seriously drinkable gin steeped with Shiraz grapes.

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Considered by many to be the “official cocktail of lockdown” this Bloody Floradora cocktail recipe is a Four Pillars twist on a classic – but mostly forgotten – gin cocktail. It needs only a few ingredients and very little effort to make this bloody delicious drink – a lime, some ginger beer and our Bloody Shiraz Gin of course! As with most gin cocktails, this drink is ideal for the warmer months of the year. You can even make a bloody big batch of it and sip on it with your friends.

The drink was named after a hit stage show ‘Florodora’ that played in both London and New York during the 1900s. The story goes that the drink came into being after one of the stars of the show refused to drink anything unless it was something brand new. A local bartender took on the challenge, naturally using the most popular spirit of the time, gin. Much like the show, the drink was a hit. Possibly a bigger hit – after all, people are still enjoying it today. So if you’re also bored of all the other better-known gin cocktails out there and you’re eager to try something new, why not have a go at making your own Bloody Floradora? But be warned – this drink is a crowd pleaser – you will likely be making this again and again and again!