The Olive Leaf Gin Martini Collective

It's back for 2024! And this time we've enlisted some Melbourne friends too...

Martinis. We can’t get enough of them. Wet, dry, extra dirty, Gibson, you name it. In fact, we love this drink so much, we even went and made ourselves a gin that makes, we humbly believe, the most perfect Martini in the books: Olive Leaf Gin.  

Our only problem since releasing this gin has been finding an excuse to kick off every lunch, dinner, night out and evening with a Martini. But we think we have the answer: a mini Martini. 

Last year, we took this brilliant idea to some of our favourite watering holes across Sydney and they all agreed that an Olive Leaf Gin mini-Martini is the perfect drink for when you’re deciding what to drink (or eat for that matter). So we decided to launch the Martini Collective. A collection of Sydney's finest venues serving up perfectly sized, mini-Martinis made with our savoury Olive Leaf Gin alongside a delicious and unique snack for the entire month of May (and beyond).

And now we're gearing up for our second year of the Martini Collective, with some old and new friends. And this time we're bringing it down to Melbourne!

Stay tuned for the full line-up of participating venues for the 2024 Martini Collective.

The 2023 Martini Collective included venues: