Bandwagon Dry

Welcome aboard the Four Pillars Bandwagon! Bandwagon Dry is modelled on our signature Rare Dry Gin, but obviously without the booze. With fresh and citrusy aromas of orange and lemon myrtle, and a palate of spice and warmth that comes from a heavier load of botanicals instead of alcohol, you can use Bandwagon Dry as you would your 'regular' Four Pillars Gin.

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We all want or need some time off the drink every now and again. But time off the drink shouldn't mean time off decent drinks altogether.

So over the past two years we’ve been quietly working away to see if we could bring the botanical flavours of our most popular and iconic gins to life...but in an alcohol-free spirit.

This was no simple feat. In fact, it’s probably the single biggest challenge we've faced since we started making gin in 2013. Because this isn't gin. Gin has to have alcohol in it, so to make something we love without the key ingredient...well that was tough.

Bandwagon Dry is made using the same botanicals as Rare Dry Gin but the way they're distilled is a bit different. To start with we individually steam distill each of the botanicals which allows us to control their flavour contribution and quality, and then they're all mixed together with a water base.

Then there are the components that come naturally to alcohol but not so naturally to a non-alcoholic spirit - it's the heat and weight. We've added heat with some fresh chilli and to replicate some of that weight, we've turned to a natural fructose that is found in plants.

So welcome aboard the Four Pillars Bandwagon. Now you can get on it even when you're not drinking.

The same botanicals as our signature Rare Dry Gin, distilled differently.


Use Bandwagon Dry as you would your ‘regular’ Four Pillars Gin but maybe a bit more liberally, so you can allow the flavour of the non-alcoholic spirit to shine through.