Double Gin Martini

This is our take on the classic gin Martini. Made with Olive Leaf Gin for its savouriness and texture and Fresh Yuzu Gin for its citrusy brightness and liveliness, these two gins combine to create a multi-layered mouthful of marvellous Martini madness.

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We’ve always wanted to make a bottled Martini and we always thought Olive Leaf Gin was our best gin to do this with. After all, it was Cam’s trips to the olive groves of Cobram Estate that made Cam want to – in his words – “murder a Martini” and make Olive Leaf Gin in the first place. It’s textual, savoury and perfect for a Martini.

But if we were going to bottle up a classic gin drink, we needed to add a little je ne sais quoi and take it to the next level. Something you probably wouldn’t make yourself, but something you’d definitely want to sit down and savour.

And that’s where the double gin in Double Gin Martini comes into play. It’s our Fresh Yuzu Gin. Clean and bright and zesty, just like the lemon twist you might garnish your Martini with.

By combining the two gins in one Martini, we’ve made a drink that ticks the boxes for those who like a light, bright, citrus-forward Martini, but also ticks the boxes for the savoury-drink lovers who like their Martinis dirty.

Lillet Blanc comes in to add bright floral notes and the saké is used to bring a textural structure with more fruity notes coming from a wine-based liqueur. Add in a dash of yuzu bitters and you’ve got yourself a Martini like none you’ve ever tasted.