IWSC Green Spirit Initiative Trophy

Early on the morning of Friday 30 September 2022 (like 4am early) we received some pretty special news from London.

Our old friends at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) – the Oscars of our industry – introduced a brand-new trophy this year to recognise sustainability initiatives in distilling worldwide. This award was open to every distillery, producer or spirits company across the globe and was created to highlight the work being carried out to help lessen the load on our environment.

And you better believe we bloody won! We’re officially the very proud recipients of the inaugural Global Green Spirits Initiative trophy. Here’s a message from our team to you.

When we ended 2020 with the wonderful news that the IWSC has named Four Pillars the world’s best gin producer for the second year in the row we didn’t think it could get any better. But this one hits a little different.

We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again. When we’re lucky enough to call somewhere as magnificent as Healesville (and the Yarra Valley, and Victoria, and Australia) home we are doing no more or less than should be expected. We are bloody lucky to make the world’s best gin in the world’s best country while treading ever more lightly on the land and the place we call home.

A huge focus of our entry was everything that went into our expanded Healesville 2.0 home. From our amazing copper veil that cools the water from our stills to save energy, to our copper gin pipes that will cut out twenty-nine tonnes of glass waste every year, and even to our bar seats that are made from pineapple leather. Seriously, pineapple leather… who knew?

The work that went into our new home and the work of our wonderful team in making the day-to-day operations more sustainable helped us to become Australia’s first certified carbon neutral gin distilling business back in March, with both the new distillery itself and all the gins bottled on site certified carbon neutral. And now we have recognition on a global scale and were just chuffed.

So cheers friends. We owe it to everyone who has ever had a single sip of Four Pillars that they can do so in good conscience, knowing we are doing our vest best to tread lightly on this magnificent place.

Go well,

Cam, Matt, Stu and the entire Four Pillars team