At Four Pillars we believe there’s a perfect gin drink for every occasion.

Our job is to make sure you’ve got the perfect gin for every type of drink.

We want you to enjoy simple and delicious gin drinks at home, while our bartender friends can explore their technique and creativity to the full.

We love the genius of a perfect G&T, but we’ve always loved pushing the boundaries of gin drinks as far as we push the boundaries of gin at our Distillery in Healesville. And now we have our Laboratory in Surry Hills, home to some of the most creative and awesome gin-fuelled fun on the planet.

Our Gins

A classic but delicious gin with great citrus and just enough spice.
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A bloody delicious, seriously drinkable gin steeped with Shiraz grapes.
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Our savoury gin made with olive leaf tea and olive oil is textural and bright.
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A bright, aromatic and (yes) fresh dry gin.
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Aromatic and spicy, the first gin in the world created to go in a Negroni.
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Overproof gin with explosive citrus and Asian spice.
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A mini version of our original Rare Dry Gin.
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A mini version of our textural and savoury, Olive Leaf Gin.
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A mini version of our cult-favourite Bloody Shiraz Gin.
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We love gin drinks that highlight their ingredients, tell a story and (above all) taste delicious.

Let’s be honest, having a ‘philosophy’ on the craft of making gin drinks is potentially very pretentious. We’re simply trying to make a range of gins that taste delicious and deliciously different from each other.

Our gins shine with a single mixer, and make extraordinary cocktails in some of the world’s best bars. You don’t have to acidulate a carrot or sous vide an ox tongue to make a great drink with Four Pillars. Of course if that’s your jam you can pop into our Laboratory in Sydney and our Creative Director of Gin Drinks, James Irvine, will take you through a whole range of frankly genius techniques to make remarkable drinks.

So that’s our simple philosophy. Give you the tools (and the gins) to make simple but great drinks at home. And give you the all the bells, quite a few whistles and some serious technique when you come to one of our homes (in Healesville, Yarra Valley and Sydney’s Surry Hills) or when you meet us in one of the great bars of the world.

We believe every great drink made with our gins should showcase the gin above all.

When it comes to making great gin drinks, where to begin? First, try the gin neat (from the fridge), or with a splash of tonic or soda. These are the ways to look at a gin in its purest form.

Then look to the classics, which the building blocks for creating new cocktails. From a simple Martini you can move to a Gibson or Martinez, from a classic Negroni there’s a White Negroni, a Bijou or a Jasmine.

Next you can experiment. Pair the gin botanicals with other citrus or spice. Play with contrasts like savoury and sweet, rich and acidic. Think about seasonality of ingredients. Above all, make it tasty and with not too many ingredients.

Want to experience the magic of Four Pillars gin drinks up close?


Book a ticket and head to Surry Hills for an intimate masterclass at our new Gin Lab. Get hands on making gin at our Maker Session, become an expert at our Gin Masterclass or shake up a gin drink at our Cocktail Masterclass.


Plan ahead to bring your group or private event to our Laboratory on Crown St. Make sure you book your group visit, masterclass or private event prior to rocking up at the door.