Because you’d have to be mad to waste all that vibrant flavour still leftover after each distillation.

We’re committed to reusing all our flavour-packed spent gin botanicals, all our gin-steamed oranges and even our stillage, the chai-like water left over after each distillation.

With the help of some amazing local producers, we’re working to become a closed-loop distillery where we waste nothing and turn every by-product of our gin-making process into something delicious to share with friends.From the very first days of Four Pillars Gin, every batch of our award-winning Rare Dry Gin left us with kilograms of gin-steamed organic oranges exploding with botanical goodness.

We knew that we had to put these to proper use and thus our first Made From Gin product was born, our Orange Marmalade. Preserved by Yarra Valley locals, A Bit of Jam & Pickle, this marmalade is now legendary. And our Breakfast Negroni is another level entirely with the addition of a tiny bit of our favourite aperitif Campari.

Then there’s our Christmas Gin Puddings by another local outfit, Silver Penny Puddings, which use more gin-steamed oranges and some Australian Christmas Gin (of course).

Our Rare Dry Gin Dark Organic Chocolate contains spent gin botanicals and gin-steamed oranges from our Rare Dry Gin distillations. And finally local cheese-maker Stone & Crow uses that stillage to wash the rind of his Moonshine cheese.

In 2019 we got serious about our Made From Gin program and enlisted the help of Melbourne food legend Matt Wilkinson to create a new Made From Gin range of products.

This pair of delicious Made From Gin condiments were his first creations: Cranberry & Gin Orange Relish uses those gin-steamed oranges again, perfect for your turkey or leftover cold meats; and Rare Dry Gin Glaze is made with spent gin botanicals and gin-steamed oranges, begging to glaze your ham or BBQ meats.