The ultimate chocolate for gin lovers: our Rare Dry Gin Organic Dark Chocolate

Made by the chocolate masters at Melbourne’s Hunted + Gathered, this Rare Dry Gin Chocolate is the most indulgent piece of our Four Pillars Gin nose-to-tail distilling story. As two leading Victorian producers, we’ve brought together our unique crafts and passion for nose-to-tail practices.

Our Rare Dry Gin Organic Dark Chocolate is 70% cacao and contains spent gin botanicals and gin-steamed oranges from our Rare Dry Gin distillations. These elements have been dried and ground up to mix into the signature premium dark chocolate that brothers Charlie and Harry Nissen are known for making.

Using only cacao butter, coconut sugar and carefully, considerately sourced cacao beans which are hand sorted when they reach the factory, the Nissen brothers create the most delicious and nuanced chocolate bars.

And after much thorough taste testing, we think we’ve created something really interesting, but most importantly really delicious.

Enjoy the bitter-sweet chocolate flavours, followed by notes of juniper, subtle but lingering cardamom and cassia, and of course that beautiful warm orange citrus character. It truly tastes like chocolate and gin (but worry not, there’s no booze at all in this).

Our Rare Dry Gin Organic Dark Chocolate is available during winter via our online Gin Shop. It is available year-round from our Healesville Distillery, Sydney Laboratory and from Hunted + Gathered in Melbourne and their online store.

Rare Dry Gin Chocolate
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70% Organic Dark Chocolate with spent gin botanicals and gin-steamed oranges