Warner's Harrington Shiraz Gin

Earlier this year we released our fifth Distiller Series Gin - Green Apple & Rhubarb Gin - made with rhubarb sent to Cam from the Warner's Distillery team in the UK. In exchange for the rhubarb, we sent the Warner's team some of our Shiraz juice and they've gone and performed distilling magic to make a clear Shiraz gin! Introducing the second gin in this Distiller Series, Harrington Shiraz Gin - a London Dry style gin made with botanicals grown on the Warner's family farm.

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We’ve been friends with the Warner’s team since the early days of Four Pillars, running into them at gin shows and industry events and naturally, at the pub after the gin shows and industry events. From sustainable distilling to the use of real ingredients, we have a lot in common, which is why this collaboration made so much sense.

The Warner’s team received our Shiraz juice – the same juice we use in our Bloody Shiraz Gin – but rather than turning to a flavoured gin, they decided to do something completely different and build on their signature Warner’s Harrington Dry Gin. Using the Shiraz juice, botanicals grown onsite at the Warner’s family farm and Australian native strawberry gum and wattleseed, the team distilled a traditional albeit punchy London Dry gin.

Two classic gin drinks, one classic gin (with a twist).