Changing Seasons Gin

For our third Distiller Series gin we took seasonal botanicals from Australia and Japan. The gin has bright aromas of pine needle, green citrus from yuzu and desert lime, and light green tea. Quandong and kinmokusei flowers add fruit flavour and the texture is driven by hinoki, red pine and dense juniper. Changing Seasons Gin is sold out, so why not try our Fresh Yuzu Gin?

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For this Distiller Series gin we couldn’t go past our fellow IWSC Gin Producers of the Year at Kyoto Distillery. The idea of the seasons kept coming back to us.

We distilled with Alex Davies, Kyoto’s head distiller, in our Yarra Valley spring. We tested the gin in refreshing cocktails over the hot Australian summer, while Alex was keeping warm in the Japanese winter. And we released it in the Australian autumn, while the cherry blossoms bloomed in Japan.

We experimented with Japanese botanicals and flavours, which worked beautifully with Australian native varieties.


Try this gin in a G&T with honeydew melon or pick a drink to match the season or mood.