Afloat Pink Gin 2024

Our annual drop of the Four Pillars x Afloat Pink Gin is here, and we’re making a round of ginny Margaritas to celebrate! Inspired by the flavour, noise and energy of Mexico, this gin is made with finger lime, habanero chilli, Mexican oregano and a dash of agave nectar. Whip up a super fresh G&T with a wedge of lime or try our take on a spicy pineapple Margarita. 
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When it comes to making gin with colour, purple has always been our jam. Back in 2015 we made our first batch of Bloody Shiraz Gin, and we’ve been pretty chuffed with the taste, colour and response to the all-natural purple ginny goodness. So while others were off creating pink, orange and blue gins, we sat very happily in our purple gin lane.

But then we got chatting with our friends at Afloat Melbourne and we agreed that if we were going to make an exclusive gin with them it had to be something fun, summery and maybe, just maybe, pink.

In line with Afloat’s annual theme, this year’s gin is inspired by the colourful flavour culture of Mexico, from the street food to the music to the beach club and even to the bold wrestling icon, Lucha Libre.

To bring all of this to life in a gin, Cam narrowed his botanical selection down to a couple of heavy flavour hitters. First up, the habanero chillis which bring a beautiful fragrance and a little bit of warmth. Then it was Mexican oregano, which is intense, savoury and totally unlike your standard oregano. Agave nectar followed for texture and a touch of sweetness. And then it was over to the citrus – finger limes and dried bitter orange peel – to balance it all out and give it that fresh zing.

It’s so tasty you’ll want to drink it all, but so pretty you won’t want to lose a drop. So obviously you’re going to need two bottles…

Bold, fresh and seriously delicious.


Spicy Margaritas are out, spicy gin Margaritas are in.