Rarer Dry Gin (Cumquat)

Rarer Dry Gin is a riff on our original Rare Dry Gin. It's made using an almost identical recipe with the exception of one distinct ingredient, the citrus. Where our Rare Dry Gin is made with fresh organic oranges, this year's Rarer Dry Gin is made with (rarer) fresh cumquat. The palate is generous and balanced and as the name suggests, we only have a small amount to go around.

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Australia is one of the few lucky countries with access to fresh organic oranges year-round. Along with botanicals like lemon myrtle and Tasmanian pepperberry, we believe it’s the fresh oranges and the way Cam distills them in the botanical basket that makes Rare Dry Gin so special.

After playing with the gnarly yellow fruit that is yuzu in last year’s Rarer Dry Gin, we set out to find an equally impressive citrus to have some fun with this year.

And what better than the citrus of our childhood backyards, the mighty cumquat.

Cumquats are the pocket rockets of the citrus world. They are small but mighty, packing a real zingy, citrus punch.

They bring the warm notes of bitter orange but also the bright and fresh notes of lemon and lime, and their natural tanginess lends itself to Highball-style drinks.

It’s amazing how the change of one botanical can make a huge difference to the final gin.

Along with cumquat we’ve gone back to our old friend, the even rarer citrus that is green bergamot.

Where Rare Dry Gin made with oranges is warm and well-rounded, and Rarer Dry Gin made with cumquat is bright and balanced, our bergamot gin is herbaceous and bitter. After very little discussion, given bergamot is the rarest citrus of them all, we named it Rarest Dry Gin.

So there you have it, our Rare Dry Gin family. We’ve taken the heart and soul of Four Pillars – Rare Dry Gin – and given it a few siblings.

We usually like to group things in fours but this one is an exception and we’ve gone for threes instead. Three fresh citruses and three delicious gins.

Botanicals from around the world, with cumquat from Victoria's Yarra Valley.


This gin serves up a fresh take on a Highball or a classic gin drink with a twist.