My New Go-To Gin

The limited-edition collab between Four Pillars and Go-To is back for a third time! Because thrice is nice. And because, quite frankly, you demanded it.

This year, it’s not only the sparkly label that is new, the gin itself is peachier and fancier than ever with a citrus-y upgrade and an infusion of our favourite native peach, quandong. And as always, it’s limited! So stop reading and start clicking you glorious son of a peach!

Prix habituel $85 AUD
Prix habituel Prix promotionnel $85

Gin and skin. An unlikely duo. So how did this all start?

When Four Pillars and Go-To first met back in 2020 we quickly realised we had a tonne in common (and it wasn’t just our love of cocktail onions).

We’re the same age (joint birthday party?). We both love to use quality, best-in-class ingredients. And we don’t take life too seriously, but we take what we do very seriously. Because we both want to give you the absolute best every, single, time.

This year we decided to give My New Go-To Gin a full makeover from the inside out. We love brightness. We love freshness. We love a G&T. And boy, did Cam deliver.

We’ve combined the big, bright flavours of yuzu, lime, coriander seeds and lemon myrtle to bring that zing. And then we’ve taken that gin and infused quandong, a native Australian peach from Western Australia, to bring that big fat hit of peach.

Needless to say, it’s destined to become your new Go-To Gin. Enjoy!

Zingy citrus meets native peach (obviously!).


Try it in a G&T, share it with friends, or save it all for yourself (no judgement here).