Big news for our favourite gin maker.

On Tuesday night in Brisbane, our very own Cam Mackenzie became the seventh person inducted into the Australian Distillers Hall of Fame. Only three months after he was inducted into the UK’s Gin Hall of Fame! What a bloody achievement. 

And who better to do the inducting than our beloved Stu Gregor (who also happens to be the sixth Australian Distillers Hall of Fame inductee)? As Stu put it best in his speech on the night, Cam has been the person who has offered up his time and knowledge to so many fellow distillers and members of the Australian distilling industry who are starting out. He has been a complete driving force in building the industry into what it is today, and we are so proud to call him ours. 

Naturally the celebrations included a round of Midori shots and a visit to the nearest kebab shop and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Cam – we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again (and we’ll probably say it again and again), we are so incredibly proud to know and work alongside you in this wonderful industry of ours. You continue to inspire us and if you keep things up, you’re seriously going to need to renovate that pool room... 

Cheers to you, Cam!