You may have noticed the handsome fox on the label of our newest (and hard to find) Bartender Series, our Underground Sydney Gin. Introducing the local talent behind it…

Short story long, Lucy Charlotte has been drawing her entire life.

“…from hogging all the pens at the drawing table in preschool; to gaining experience in the fine arts throughout high school and my tertiary education; to now as my job. The young, steadfast girl that I was knew that I wouldn’t settle for a job I didn’t love, and what I loved was to be creative.”

Convinced her career was destined to follow a path into interior design, Lucy’s obvious talents in Fine Arts were given the application they needed to flourish professionally once she began her tertiary education.

“Courses in graphic design and illustration made me realise my art could be tailored for more commercial output, and the emergence of social media platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr has given new life to illustrators, designers and artists everywhere.”

Lucy credits Design Centre Enmore for this realisation:

“I decided graphic design training would give me a broader skillset than a specific illustration course. I also knew I was self-driven enough to give an illustrative spin to all my projects…even if that meant taking me twice as long to complete them.”

“But I had to partake in my own study to truly nurture my illustrative skills. This came in the form of inspiration – visiting galleries, hoarding illustration books and curating a blog with images that inspired me.”

Safe to say that dedication did the job, because we fell head over heels for her pieces, and doubly so for the fox she created – inspired by the taxidermy theme that runs through Sydney’s Swillhouse Group bars. And speaking of which, when it comes to gin, Lucy obviously knows where it’s at.

“Thankfully our home is always stocked with Four Pillars Gin – I swear this isn’t an advertising plug! Can’t go wrong with a simple Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin and tonic!”

You can spot Lucy Charlotte’s legendary work on bottles of our Underground Sydney Gin in Swillhouse bars across Sydney for a limited time only. And be sure to check out her website for more rockin’ pieces.