The day of celebrating dads, pops, uncles, and anybody that fills a bit of that dad-shaped role in your life is fast approaching. And to help you out with your gift buying – we’ll leave the all-important card writing to you – we’ve asked some Four Pillars dads how they’ll be spending the day and more importantly, what they’ll be drinking at the end of it.  

And just in case you were thinking about bringing dad out for a drink or two at our Sydney Laboratory or Healesville Distillery (great idea!), you’ll be stoked to hear we’ll be slinging free G&Ts for every dad, all day long. Book a spot now and pour yourself a drink for nailing Father’s Day. You did good. 

Book our Sydney Lab right here. And for a seat at our Healesville Distillery, click here.

Now onto some gin gifting inspo!


“For starters, I’ll be reminding my kids that it’s Father’s Day. Once that awkward moment is over, they’ll cook me a nice dinner (this is what I want, not necessarily what I’ll get). As for drinks, there’s certainly a Negroni in there somewhere. Most likely a pre-bottled one to save all that REALLY hard work.” 

– Cam Mackenzie, Head Distiller and Four Pillars founding father (sorry, we had to)


“I’m hoping there’ll be a drive to the park with a nice picnic involved, but I’m betting on at least one (and a half) hand-drawn cards with a side of cold toast and Moccona Medium Roast. As it’s a school night, I’ll opt for a sour gin cocktail. I’ve got some Modern Australian Gin and our lemon tree needs a prune…”

– Brett Paulin, Distiller


“I usually spend the day with my sons but one’s got himself a girlfriend so we’ll see what his schedule is like. For drinks, I’d like to use as little energy as possible, so a Double Gin Martini it is! But I also have a really nice bottle of Nebbiolo that I think I’ll enjoy for the day.”

– Paolo Pacioni, Hospo Legend


“I’ll be getting a pair of socks (from the dog) and probably a mug of some sort claiming I’m the ‘world’s greatest *insert cheeky blank here*’ as well. At the end of the day, I’ll be having a Tom Collins, unless it’s a bit on the chilly side, in which case I’ll opt for the always delish Who Shot Tom Collins with some Bloody Shiraz Gin instead.” 

– David Hogan, Head of Global Travel Retail


“I’ll be over in the UK, so I reckon we’ll be on for a Sunday Roast with the outlaws somewhere along the Thames. And while I’m sure a G&T or two will be enjoyed in a pub at some point, you better believe I’m expecting a new pair of socks and jocks to be wrapped (unlikely) and packed for the occasion.”

– Scott Gauld, Distillery Door and Ops Manager