Tall, long and refreshing, this Highball's fresh flavours go hand-in-hand with the Rarer Dry Gin botanicals.

For our first limited-edition release of Rarer Dry Gin in 2021, we used the gnarly yellow fruit that is yuzu. And eventually we decided we loved using this botanical in our gin so much that we went and made a permanent addition to our gin range in the form of Fresh Yuzu Gin.

In 2022, we released a different Rarer Dry Gin, swapping out yuzu for tangy cumquats.

This gin drink is a Highball made with the 2021 release of Rarer Dry Gin, so if you wanted to try something similar and don't have your hands on this special edition gin, we highly recommend you check out our Fresh Yuzu Gin and make yourself a Yuzu Highball.


    • 45mL Rarer Dry Gin (2021 release)
    • 100mL yuzu soda
    • Lemon

    • Add Rarer Dry Gin and soda to a rocks glass with lots of ice
    • Garnish with a lemon wheel

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