The G&T is one of the simplest of gin drinks. And its simplicity is very much part of why it is so loved around the world. Easy to make and share, (far too) easy to enjoy. So how were we to make an interesting film about something so simple?

When you manage to pull apart the love for a truly delicious G&T, you realise that each of the elements that come together to make it have to great. Great gin (duh), great tonic, great big cubes of ice (and lots of it), and the right perfect fresh garnish to match.

So, with the combined talents of Weave's creative and production team and our own in-house creative team, we created a short film that celebrates our all-time favourite drink for the Australian summer through a delightfully whimsical lens.

Using the 3-steps as chapters, we took what would otherwise be a standard instructional video to a world inspired by our love of Wes Anderson (because who doesn’t want to enjoy a G&T at the Grand Budapest Hotel?).

Watch it with the sound on, and tell us you don’t feel super thirsty by the end!