Ever since we first released Bloody Shiraz Gin in 2015, we’ve been asked one question over and over again – would we ever make a gin with another grape?

The answer was always “probably,” but we spent so much time and effort simply trying to meet demand for Bloody Shiraz Gin, it’s taken us eight years to get around to it.

And it was always gonna be Pinot Noir, let’s not pretend it could have been anything else. Beautiful, ethereal, Yarra specialty…what more can we say?

To make these gins we followed the exact same process, with high-proof Rare Dry Gin poured over the grapes which are left to steep for around seven weeks, extracting amazing colour and flavour. The grapes are then pressed off to make sure we’ve got every drop of flavour we can, and then some more Rare Dry Gin is blended in, finishing off the ultimate gin and juice combo.  

Bloody Shiraz Gin has grown somewhat of a cult following in Australia and abroad with its deep purple colour and perfect balance of sweet fruit and ginny goodness. Aromatically it shows fresh pine needles, citrus and spice, and distinct peppery, plummy notes. The palate is lovely and sweet with a long juniper and spice character on the finish, and this year’s limited edition bottle has been designed by Aussie artist, Luke Lucas.  

Bloody Pinot Noir Gin has aromas of rose petals, strawberries and cherries which are coupled with a palate that dances a little lighter across the tongue than its Shiraz sibling. There is a hint more fresh acidity, the gin character is a little more pronounced and the taste is a little drier and softer.

When it comes to drinking the gins, we’re a big fan of Bloody Shiraz Gin with tonic and a big squeeze of lemon. Your first taste of Bloody Pinot Noir Gin should be straight up or on the rocks and after that, well it’s up to you. Maybe a light tonic or soda. Maybe in a cocktail with a bit of citrus and some Campari…