Whether you like your Martinis light, bright and citrus-forward or prefer them on the dirtier, more savoury side, this drink ticks all the boxes.

Right. So you’ve got yourself a bottle of our delicious new Double Gin Martini. But you’re thinking to yourself what’s the deal here? Do I just pour it up and it’s good to go? Well, in short…yes, that’s exactly what you need to do.

The secret behind perfecting this Martini drink is quite literally in the name. Double Gin Martini. And it comes from the Martini recipe we used, which saw the marriage of Olive Leaf Gin (aka our go-to Martini gin) and Fresh Yuzu Gin. Then we added in a little Lillet Blanc, a splash of Toji Daigingo Saké and a dash of yuzu bitters and boom, that’s one delicious Martini drink, ready to roll.

All that’s left for you to do is pop the bottle in the fridge or freezer at home and serve it up when it’s just right. For a little extra something-something, pop a glass in the freezer as well, so it comes out nice and chilled.

And the beauty of this bottled cocktail is that it swings both ways (insert cheeky joke here). Which means if you’re craving a more savoury style serve, then you can simply garnish with a Sicilian olive. But if you’d prefer to boost the citrus flavours of this drink, then cut yourself a lemon twist and hey presto.

Cheers friends!