After nailing gin made from puddings, it only made sense to create puddings made from gin.

In 2017 our Christmas Gin Puddings arrived, and our gin fans were excited to say the least. And how could you not be?

These decadent locally made puddings are that perfect merry combination of our Australian Christmas Gin, some gin-steamed oranges from our Rare Dry Gin distillations (still bursting with luscious organic flavour and infused with rich botanicals), and Healesville based Silver Penny Pudding’s handmade traditional fruit pudding recipe.

Elisha is the skill behind Silver Penny Puddings, with over ten years of experience making puddings for family, friends, market stalls, and now her own business that sends puddings all around Australia. Elisha focuses on maintaining the flavours and richness of a traditional English-style pudding, made with local Australian ingredients. In keeping with the traditional recipe, just be aware these puds are not gluten free or vegan.

This Christmas Gin Pudding is a project of love and local talent, and we are truly unsurprised that our gin fans adore it as much as we do. They’re the perfect end to a Christmas feast, particularly if they’re drizzled with a splash of our Australian Christmas Gin!