Whisky Barrel Gin

Craft, collaboration, complexity and time. We've drawn on everything we’ve learnt from the past decade of gin making to create this, our first Whisky Barrel Gin, made in collaboration with LARK Distillery. Gin aged in barrel for over four years was transferred to LARK whisky barrels for a final six months of maturation, resulting in a gin that is a heady mix of dark spices along with some preserved citrus and nice malty notes.

Although we're sold out online, a small amount of Whisky Barrel Gin is on shelves at our Healesville Distillery and Sydney Laboratory. And if you're flying sometime soon, you can find it in Lotte and Heinemann Duty Free stores in Australia and Singapore.

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In its first-ever outing, Whisky Barrel Gin was awarded a Master.

Global Gin Masters

Cam has long had a passion for ageing gin in barrel. In fact, a barrel-aged gin was one of the very first gins Cam started working on, filling Chardonnay barrels with Rare Dry Gin at about the same time as Four Pillars launched in late 2013.

So when we got chatting with LARK a few years back and the idea of collaborating came up, we knew we could (and should) do something special together.

We’ve been friends with the Lark family and business since before we even began making gin. Bill and Lyn Lark are true pioneers of craft spirits in Australia and among the first people we spoke to about our gin dreams.

In mid-2022, LARK sent us some whisky barrels to experiment with, and whether it be a stroke of good fortune or Cam’s immaculate forward planning, we had some extra special Sherry and Apera barrels full of high-proof Rare Dry Gin set aside waiting to be used for a special project.

The gin had been ageing in these barrels at our distillery for around four years, and at the beginning of 2023 we transferred this barrel-aged gin into the LARK whisky barrels, letting it rest for a further six or so months to finish its maturation before blending all the barrels together.

The final gin is a heady mix of dark spices along with preserved citrus and some nice malty notes. And according to the judges at the World Gin Masters where it won the highest accolade – a Master – in its first-ever outing: “this remarkable gin shows rich Sherry, coffee cake and walnuts” and “soft vanilla notes.”

We have bottled the final gin at cask strength – 56.8% ABV – to allow discerning drinkers the option to taste this exactly how it came from the barrel or to dilute it to a more moderate sipping strength.

Rare Dry Gin aged in Sherry and Apera barrels, and finished in LARK whisky barrels.


Taste it exactly how it came from the barrel or dilute it to a more moderate sipping strength, the choice is yours.