Sticky Carpet Gin

They say the follow-up album is often never better than the first, but we’re here to prove them wrong. Five years after its initial release, one of our most requested limited-edition gins – Sticky Carpet Gin – is back!

Made with Little Creatures Pale Ale and hops, this gin is beautifully balanced with a dense juniper canvas, a chewy, malty hops character and a bright citrus note.

Prix habituel $88 AUD
Prix habituel Prix promotionnel $88

We submitted this gin to the Global Gin Masters and it came back with a gold medal! Who says the remake is never as good as the original?

Global Gin Masters

First released in 2019 to celebrate the re-opening of Melbourne institution, the Hotel Esplanade, this gin is a tribute to Australia’s great hotels and their front bars, the carpets sticky with beer and thick with stories. 

For the second coming, we’ve switched the original stout out for a more aromatic and lifted pale ale and poured the beer straight into the still with the base spirit. We’ve then added juniper, coriander, honey, roasted barley, cassia, macadamia nuts and orris root, while the fresh lemon peel and ginger go into the botanical basket.  

The hops get their own little spot in a bag hung above the spirit because they can expand and block the still. And if that happens, the still explodes and the distillery is no more. Safety aside, it’s also a great way to extract the aromatics because it gets a bit hotter than the botanical basket.

By opening the plates of the still for the first half of the distillation and closing them for the second half, the citrus, hops, and honey characters can come through early, while the malty, textural characters come through quite late.   

The final gin is beautifully balanced, just like a great pale ale, with a dense canvas of resiny juniper and deep brown spice notes. There’s a chewy, malty hops character that hangs on from the macadamia nut and overall, it’s a touch fruity with a bright citrus note. 

And this time around, it's available for you to try in venues around the country! Scroll down for the full list, head into our homes in Healesville or Sydney’s Surry Hills or grab a bottle for your own home right here.  

Beer and gin, who’d have thunk it?


Try a Sticky Carpet Gin cocktail at any of these venues from Thursday 14 March:


This gin was made for a nostalgic, pub-inspired serve. Ginny lemon lime & bitters, anyone?