Barrel Aged Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin

We’ve taken our Four Pillars x Yarra Yering Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin to the next level, ageing it in Yarra Yering Dry Red barrels to create not only one of the most delicious and complex gins we’ve ever made, but also the gin with the longest name: Barrel Aged Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin. Amaro-like with soft vanilla notes from the oak, this is the very last (and perhaps the very best) of the Yarra Yering Single Vineyard series
Prix habituel $175 AUD
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We're not the only ones who think this is a one-of-a-kind gin. Barrel Aged Bloody Underhill Shiraz Gin was the only gin in the WORLD to score 99 points at the London IWSC! We couldn't be more bloody proud.

London IWSC

Yarra Valley winery, Yarra Yering continues to go from strength to strength, taking out some of Australia’s biggest and best wine awards over the last couple of years. So when they agreed to part ways with Underhill Shiraz grapes for a second year in 2022, we counted our lucky stars.

Cam had an inkling it would be the final time we would get our hands on these extremely in-demand grapes, so once we had made last year’s gin, we decided to release half of it and put the other half back into the Yarra Yering Dry Red barrels which had aged the gin initially.

The gin, made with gin aged in Yarra Yering Dry Red barrels and fruit from the Underhill vineyard, spent nine months back in those same Yarra Yering barrels allowing the gin to soften and adding some vanilla notes from the oak. When the time was right, the barrels were blended and a small pep of gentian was added before bottling to bring back some of that bitterness that had dropped out in the barrel.

The final gin sits at 41.8% ABV, 4% higher than our regular Bloody Shiraz Gin, and is more developed and complex than the previous releases. It’s retained the Amaro character but has more preserved fruit, and slightly more savoury notes than our 2021 and 2022 releases.

When it comes to drinking it, it’s all about sipping and savouring. Put your feet up and drink it over ice or straight up, taking a few quiet moments (unusual for us…) to take in what is a one-of-a-kind gin experiment that truly challenges perceptions of what gin can be. This is the very last of the Yarra Yering x Four Pillars collaborations and once it’s gone, it’s properly gone.

The marriage of our Rare Dry Gin botanicals with the most delicious Shiraz fruit on the planet. No added sugar. None. Ever.


Complex, layered and unlike any gin we’ve ever tasted. Drink it straight up or on the rocks.